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Aline likes German language.

4min  · 

Juditha is watching Devious Maids.

8min  · 

Felicitas likes Jurisprudence.

20min  · 

Tilo wants to learn Spanish language with someone.

24min  · 

Yasmin likes Virtual Reality.

28min  · 

Jessica likes German language.

44min  · 

Birga likes Samsung.

48min  · 

Martina likes Champagne.

55min ago  · 

Rosl wants to learn Ancient Greek with someone.

1h ago  · 

Merlinde likes Batman.

1h  · 

Jan wants to learn Jurisprudence with someone.

2h  · 

Kassandra is searching someone for Baking.

2h  · 

Kristiane likes Whisky.

2h  · 

Leon is watching Two and a Half Men.

3h ago  · 

Marlis likes Tortellini.

3h  · 

Metha wants to go to Balzac Coffee Company with someone.

3h  · 

Roswita likes Iced tea.

4h  · 

Annica likes Dancing.

4h  · 

Maria likes Bruschetta.

5h ago  · 

Gundi likes White wine.

5h  · 

Gundi wants to go to McDonalds with someone.

5h  · 

Cindy likes Indian food.

5h ago  · 

Cindy is watching How I Met Your Mother.

5h ago  · 

Tanja likes Snapchat.

5h  · 

Dorlies likes Android.

6h  · 

Maik is Playing guitar right now.

6h  · 

Elena likes Write something.

6h ago  · 

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