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    Enjoy exclusive contacts like fashion labels, magazines and photographers

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    Earn at least $800 per shooting or $250 hourly

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    Also suitable for newcomers without prior knowledge or experience

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    No 90-60-90 requirement: Sometimes 'small & chubby' counts for more

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    Forget castings: No tedious application is necessary with us

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    Receive orders directly in your area or your desired location

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    Travel, food and accommodation costs are always paid by us

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    No age limit: children and adults are welcome

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Connect to valuable and rare first-class contacts



Paris, Mailand, New York: We bear all costs for you



Fashionweek, Showroom, Backstage: You receive VIP status everywhere

favorite Top 3 Benefits

You are not convinced yet? These are the top 3 benefits and reasons why thousands of members love our platform:

No 90-60-90 requirements

Only a few people are fortunate enough to be able to start as a model. With our professional experts, we are there to help and to draw attention to people who deserve this attention.
We were even able to help shy waiters or introvert salespeople to do model jobs. They never thought that they would have been suitable for the job as a model at all.
We know that there is no such thing as "the perfect model" and that many model jobs require to have a specific look, which can also be described as "small and chubby". So not only the previous trend "big and thin" is wanted, because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

VayModels is not only known for high quality service and model job placement with numerous job offers. VayModels is also committed to advocating for people and promoting the potential that lies within them. So we hope to use your potential and welcome you as a satisfied member.

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Always reachable

You can contact us at any time! Please use our help center or visit us on Facebook:

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