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Funny to notice that #Chess is present in all period of artificial intelligence history (from the very beginning to #AlphaGo now) #iarennes

THIS IS #Chess 🔐 not checkers🙅🙅🙅

Good boys trigger economic collapse by simultaneously cashing in their points. #chess not #checkers

i hate #chess

#Invest in #Chess; invest the next generation’s cognitive development & academic achievement & more broadly, tomorrow’s workforce &

Little man is moving forward on his #chess skills. Playing mini games with 3 types of pieces.

Drei spielen remis, einer kan durch: Caruana siegte mit der Brechstange nach fast 70 Zügen. #Candidates2018 #CandidatesBerlin #chess

Planning 2019 events already. #chess

Only 3,5 out of 7 🙄 #rapid #chess #Nooruz

Even #Chess is Gender-Biased. Game get over when the #King is checkmate and not the #Queen.

Level headed! I can be reasonable #Chess

#aronian wants revenge #BerlinCandidates #chess

Did you know that there are 318,979,564,000 to play the 4 first moves in #chess? #reykjavikopen #candidates2018

We did it! Stream up, Views Up, You up? Let's Go! #chess time #truestory

I'm playing this new variant called pathetic #chess. Even I'm shocked at how badly I play sometimes.

I can't sleep properly; how to promote #chess in Andaman need #motivation

How about taking the chess board with all the pieces, and RUN AWAY..!!!


Our new Checkmate #Chess App (Coming soon!) allows advanced players the chance to play online against Grandmasters from all around world

Thank you Lord for the bronze! #chess@nuvavizcayaCEAPMEET2018

Every time I play somebody in Chess after the 2nd or 3rd game they don't wanna play me anymore, this shit #Chess not #Checkers💪💪💪🤐

Step by step. Block by block. #Chess #Games First step is #consolidation. That one can be public. Next steps though...?

Thornbury 3 - 3 Horfield C #chess #bristol

It’s been almost two whole days and I’m still texting my friends about specific details in #Chess they would have liked

Nathan Phoenix is teaching #Chess to his grandfather.

New #chess article coming out soon!

Did you know?

Where pawns were allowed to advance 2 squares on its first move instead of 1, was first introduced in Spain in 1280


I don’t hope for perfection on Opening Night...I just want to stay present. #Chess@TheKennedyCenter

Coming soon! Checkmate App available for both Android & IOS a super strong #Chess engine with many features enabling players to improve

That sitzprobe was a rock concert! The #CHESS cast just gave me my whole LIFE.

#EliteHotels #Chess : Pia Cramling (SWE) is 1st with 7 points. Congrats!

I wonder who had to die or has to, in order to make space for me. It's always been about the sacrifice. That's the game. #chess

All set up and ready for Round 3 #chess #chesstournament #ukchesschallenge

#Chess Tip - By looking at checks first, you're going to see moves that can force your opponent's king out in the open or into a corner

Read an 18 chapter book in 3 hours. #CHESS

The series revolves around a tournament which is a 10 player all-play-all tournament; 45 games of #chess over 10 days


Giri draws against Karjakin.... Mamedyarov and Carlsen to do everything to win.

#TataSteelChess #tatasteel #Chess

How long from sucking at #chess to being pretty good at it?

It was such a pleasure to see Robin Van Kampen and Anand interact and analyse! #Chess,#TataSteelChess

12 dimensional #chess:

Trup: hmmm....

*staples rook to his dick*

Crowd: (murmurs)

#MyEndGameIs way better than my openings game

The series revolves around a #chess tournament taking place in a hotel venue. It is a 10 player all-play-all tournament #checkmateTVshow

Kann ich: alle Anfängerfehler machen. #chess #schach

Anand and Karjakin finish joint runners up after Carlsen blitzed to Gold medal at Blitz #Chess world championship.

Viswanathan anand and pankaj advani to unsung sportsstar of India #chess

Beim Kaffee nehme ich lieber Schwarz, beim #Schach lieber Weiß. #funfact #chess

i made you move your king - that's pretty powerful


#Belgrade #Chess club honours Indian world champion #ViswanathanAnand on his Birthday MEAIndia PMOIndia

Expect #chess

Natural winners are those who play against themselves. #deepmindai #chess

schach24 chesscom JohanSalomon Great #defense puzzle! And featured in Soltis's Art of Defense in #Chess if I recall.

Eigentlich sollte man ab jetzt alles stehen und liegen lassen und nur noch london_chess gucken! #chess #LondonChess

Kasparov vs Karpov; intensity beyond a game...more so plotting the demise of each other’s spiritual & psychological well-being...#Chess

Even though I think I’ve improved my game a lot, I haven’t been able to beat Magnus at age 10 in his fucking app. #chess

I'd love to be treated like a pawn. Helped to reach my full potential to become anyone I want to be? That sounds perfect. #Chess

‘I Know Him So Well’ from #Chess is literally literally one of the best things ever. MarrShow #marr

World Junior Championship ended. Pragg didn't win but got his norm. Hiebert gained 154 rating points! #chess

#Chess is game played by smart people and #Mugabe is one of them, never underestimate Him. He managed to dribble past the World

#Weekend offers: #Chess private home tutoring for your wards within Abuja. Holla

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Lia  ·  9d ago

MCD again for chess after near between 3pm and 4pm. #chess

Agathe  ·  14d

The number of possible ways of playing just the first four moves on each side in a game of #chess is 318,979,564,000

Elisa  ·  14d

Whatcha #CHESS GAME like???
P.s They know bout me in the city!!!

Lara  ·  18d

What makes chess so hard to learn🎓 😂 😂 😂??? #chess

Dorette  ·  18d

Working toward 2090 elo on #Chess Pro.

Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a chessboard, a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. The game is played by millions of people worldwide. Each player begins with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. Each of the six piece types moves differently, with the most powerful being the queen and the least powerful the pawn. The objective is to checkmate the opponent's king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture. To this end, a player's pieces are used to attack and capture the opponent's pieces, while supporting each other. In addition to checkmate, the game can be won by voluntary resignation of the opponent, which typically occurs when too much material is lost or checkmate appears inevitable. There are also several ways a game can end in a draw. Chess is believed to have originated in India sometime before the 7th century. The game was derived from the Indian game chaturanga, which is also the likely ancestor of the Eastern strategy games xiangqi, janggi, and shogi. (A minority view holds that chess originated in China.) Chess reached Europe by the 9th century, due to the Moorish conquest of Spain. The pieces assumed their current powers in Spain in the late 15th century; the rules were standardized in the 19th century. The first generally recognized World Chess Champion, Wilhelm Steinitz, claimed his title in 1886. Since 1948, the World Championship has been regulated by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs (FIDE), the game's international governing body. FIDE also awards life-time master titles to skilled players, the highest of which is grandmaster. Many national chess organizations have a title system of their own. FIDE also organizes the Women's World Championship, the World Junior Championship, the World Senior Championship, the Blitz and Rapid World Championships, and the Chess Olympiad, a popular competition among international teams. FIDE is a member of the International Olympic Committee, which can be considered as a recognition of chess as a sport. Several national sporting bodies (for example the Spanish Consejo Superior de Deportes) also recognize chess as a sport. Chess was included in the 2006 and 2010 Asian Games. There is also a Correspondence Chess World Championship and a World Computer Chess Championship. Online chess has opened amateur and professional competition to a wide and varied group of players. Since the second half of the 20th century, computers have been programmed to play chess with increasing success, to the point where the strongest personal computers play at a higher level than the best human players. Since the 1990s, computer analysis has contributed significantly to chess theory, particularly in the endgame. The IBM computer Deep Blue was the first machine to overcome a reigning World Chess Champion in a match when it defeated Garry Kasparov in 1997. The rise of strong computer programs (called "engines") runnable on hand-held devices has led to increasing concerns about cheating during tournaments. There are many variants of chess that utilize different rules, pieces, or boards. One of these, Chess960 (originally named "Fischerandom"), has gained widespread popularity as well as some FIDE recognition.

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