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Firsr cooking class

I really need some grilled cheese in my life right about now! #cooking #food #yummy

I've just used a bit of nutmeg that I swear has been going strong for c15 years. Do they regenerate? #Cooking #domesticgoddess

A watched pot never boils...but an unwatched pot boils over immediately. #cooking

Hab gerade die Soße probiert und das ist guuut.^^ #Cooking

Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And #cooking done with care is an act of love. #thisiswhyimfull

May make a pasta dish tonight. Try my hand at some Italian cuisine, who knows, maybe I'll make a new flavor. #Cooking

Today I suggest you have buffalo wings for breakfast with a side of avocado and biscotti! It's the best! #cooking #food #yummy

Sometimes #cooking is the #morning can be a big booster for the day

Okay people #POLL time! #Cooking who does what? Other? Write it in the comments. Thanks :)

It’s about that time!! #Cooking

Split pea soup #nightowl #cooking #vegan 💮

When #baking, follow directions. When #cooking, go by your own taste.

Girls who dont know #Cooking are actually Boys!

Die Entenkeule ist im Ofen. Wahrscheinlich wird man von dem Schuss Jemeson nachher aber nicht viel merken.

Tonight’s dinner: bone in chicken on the grill, sautéed Kohlrabi, and fresh strawberries. #CSA #Cooking

#Cooking is an art, but you eat it too. #thisiswhyimfull

Jedes Sonntag aufs neue:

Was koche ich die Woche?


What should I cook?

Cooking pasta for me and my parents tomorrow.
Any ideas on recipes? #Food #Cooking 🙂🍽️

Meal prepping is it’s own version of a workout #sweating #cooking #runningaroundkitchen

MarGin der andere Gin !
Ein auf London Dry Art basierend gebrannter Gin aus ... #cooking #food #bakingtherapy

#Cooking Tip: Prepare several batches of food at a time; ex: stews & casseroles. Freeze the extra for future use. #EnergySavings

#Cooking and #baking is both physical and mental therapy.

In case you missed it, the Houston Rockets beat the Utah Jazz 96-85 for their 13th straight win. #cooking #Rockets #nba

I liked the energy of #cooking, the action, the camaraderie. I often compare the kitchen to sports and compare the chef to #thisiswhyimfull

The smell of bell peppers burning has to be my Top 5 fav scents 🔥😂 #Cooking #Healthynut #Bellpeppers

When you find cilantro on your foot

Habt Ihr Tipps für Rezepte im Bratschlauch? #followerpower #cooking

Sunday night #Cooking while listening to #music is one of my absolute favorite things to do!

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Mareen  ·  10d ago

I can't even remember the last time I had some ham and garlic fries this good! #cooking #food #yummy

Hannah  ·  15d ago

Today I suggest you have scrambled eggs for lunch with a side of cherry pie and turtle soup! It's the best! #cooking #food #yummy

Ela  ·  20d ago

I think fruit rolls would make for a great snack right about now! #cooking #snacks #yummy

Marie  ·  26d ago

I think chocolate chip cookies would make for a great snack right about now! #cooking #snacks #yummy

Juliane  ·  27d ago

Smothered Pork Chops and Stuffing #WifeMeals #Cooking

Cooking or cookery is the art, technology, science and craft of preparing food for consumption. Cooking techniques and ingredients vary widely across the world, from grilling food over an open fire to using electric stoves, to baking in various types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, economic, and cultural traditions and trends. The ways or types of cooking also depend on the skill and type of training an individual cook has. Cooking is done both by people in their own dwellings and by professional cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food establishments. Cooking can also occur through chemical reactions without the presence of heat, such as in ceviche, a traditional South American dish where fish is cooked with the acids in lemon or lime juice. Preparing food with heat or fire is an activity unique to humans. It may have started around 2 million years ago, though archaeological evidence for it reaches no more than 1 million years ago. The expansion of agriculture, commerce, trade, and transportation between civilizations in different regions offered cooks many new ingredients. New inventions and technologies, such as the invention of pottery for holding and boiling water, expanded cooking techniques. Some modern cooks apply advanced scientific techniques to food preparation to further enhance the flavor of the dish served.