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Tell us if you like or dislike Superman to display persons you share this with. This way you can discover people just like you!

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To all the amazing writers, artists, inkers, colorists, letterers and editors who worked on #Superman #ActionComics1000; THANK YOU.

Action Comics #1000 vorbestellt. #comics #actioncomics #superman

I think #Superman just used the force #QuestForPeace

Setelah lama menyepi from Twitter world,i’m back world😇

3:44 to play! Tie game. This is Panarin’s time to shine! #superman

Watching krypton #Krypton #Superman #Syfy

Henry Cavill tötet bei Barnaby unschuldige Tiere!

#TheTudors #Superman #HenryCavill

RRRIPPP! - tearing (metal) (Action Comics #252) #superman

#Superman: So did you get the house from the bank?
#Batman: I bought the bank!
😂😂😂😂😂😂 #JusticeLeague

Most of you aren’t aware but Michigan fell once again to the Ohio State University tonight. #kylesnyder #superman #buckeyewrestling

Lyon to ABD.
Shortish length.
#ABDevilliers - let's pull it . Wait how about cut.
And crashed into point boundary.

#WithoutTwitter #Trump would be just another shrieking voice in the endless void. Think Zod in the OG #Superman movie.

#BlackPanther is a poor man's #SuperMan. About 30 years too late


yup he is still alive #Superman #spoilamoviein5words

I'm boycotting #JusticeLeague due to all the bullying superman gets over his cgi stash.
#superman #moustache

Die Sonne tut mir gut #Superman

The early days of Clark Kent's clever disguise―consisting of contact lenses―was shortsighted at best. #Superman

Like and share!

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

Roger Federer wint twintigste Grand Slam #superman #australianopen

WOW Isn`t it awesome?

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

Like if you are Excited!

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

After seven years, I finally made peace with a #Superman without underwear, and NOW they bring the trunks back.

I know I’m 10 or so years late but Smallville is bringing me on an emotional roller coaster #superman

J'onn does have the DEO working with precision I have to say! Wait is that chain and Kryptonite a call back to #Superman 1978?

1:41:39 #Superman aka #BTC takes on steppen wolf aka #Fiat

RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! - rocket engine {supergirl's rocket} (Action Comics #252) #superman

And then Sunda Benda throws a #Superman Video😂😂. What a 5 year old in Uganda can do🤷🏻‍♀️

For you, What makes the ideal #Superman portrayal?

Yeahhhhh. Finally he's back #Superman — watching Justice League

Come on #Superman show me something. 😂 #CARvsNO #WildCardWeekend

Z-ZZZ - drilling {Superman using finger to hollow out iron ball} (Action Comics #248) #superman

That`s just superb!

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

Share if you find it terrific!

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

Like if you remember

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

Shoulders today! Let’s get it in!! #Superman

EEEOORRR! - shrieking (animal) {cat} (Action Comics #251) #superman

Oh Yeah

#superman #returnofsuperman #batmanvsuperman

I have spent the last 4hrs watching #Superman The Animated Series. I forgot how GREAT this show is. Underrated!!!

HauckstephS Immer diese primitiven Behauptungen #Superman seine besser als #Batman ....
Für mich nicht nachvollziehbar ????????

Allein gegen alle: #Superman 2
Damals als #DC es noch ernst meinte.

“Hope is like car keys. easy to lose but if you dig around they’re easy to find.”


Ich brauche ein Brille. #Superman ist jetzt mein Lifestyle.

The charisma of #Superman is unparalleled! #JusticeLeague

AlexanderDinger Nichts bleibt meinem Kryptonblick verborgen #Superman

Last night I saw #JusticeLeague and it was fantastic. Ignore the critics and enjoy the movie, it's awesome especially #Superman

OK so. justiceleaguewb very epic opening scene. #superman is God we know.

Will i come back like jordan wearing the 4-5 - #Superman

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Viktoria  ·  11d ago

Heute dann wohl mal bei #Supergirl eigentlich nur die ganzen #Superman Geschichten neu aufgewärmt?

Anke  ·  16d ago

Was so als #superman halt so macht.

Swenja  ·  16d ago

you give one, two, three, four, five or more #superman punch but the beast is survive, but just one #F5 nobody survive this....

Laura  ·  19d ago

I firmly believe anyone that hates #Superman just doesn’t care to read up on him. #DCcomics

Vanessa  ·  28d ago

The Man of Steel has a certain soft spot. #Superman

Superman is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Joe Shuster, high school students living in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1933. They sold Superman to Detective Comics, the future DC Comics, in 1938. Superman debuted in Action Comics #1 (cover-dated June 1938) and subsequently appeared in various radio serials, newspaper strips, television programs, films, and video games. With this success, Superman helped to create the superhero archetype and establish its primacy within the American comic book. The character is also referred to by such epithets as the Big Blue Boy Scout, the Man of Steel, the Man of Tomorrow, and the Last Son of Krypton. The origin story of Superman relates that he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, before being rocketed to Earth as an infant by his scientist father Jor-El, moments before Krypton's destruction. Discovered and adopted by a farm couple from Kansas, the child is raised as Clark Kent and imbued with a strong moral compass. Early in his childhood, he displays various superhuman abilities, which, upon reaching maturity, he resolves to use for the benefit of humanity through a "Superman" identity. Superman resides and operates in the fictional American city of Metropolis. As Clark Kent, he is a journalist for the Daily Planet, a Metropolis newspaper. Superman's love interest is Lois Lane, and his archenemy is the supervillain Lex Luthor. A close ally of Batman and Wonder Woman, he is typically depicted as a member of the Justice League. Like other characters in the DC Universe, several alternative versions of Superman have been characterized over the years. Superman's appearance is distinctive and iconic; he usually wears a blue costume with a red-and-yellow emblem on the chest, consisting of the letter S in a shield shape, and a red cape. This shield is used in many media to symbolize the character. Superman is widely considered an American cultural icon. He has fascinated scholars, with cultural theorists, commentators, and critics alike exploring the character's role and impact in the United States and worldwide. The character's ownership has often been the subject of dispute, with Siegel and Shuster twice suing for the return of rights. He has been portrayed in many adaptations of the comics as well, including films, television series, and video games. Several actors have played Superman in motion pictures and TV series including Bud Collyer, Kirk Alyn, George Reeves, Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Tim Daly, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Henry Cavill, and Tyler Hoechlin.