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Alexanderplatz, Anal intercourse, Ancient Greek, Angry Birds, Architecture, Astronomy, Baking, Balzac Coffee Company, Bangkok, Batman, Beer, Beyoncé, BigMac, Bikini Berlin, Biology, Bonn, Boston, Boxing, Brandenburg Gate, Bread, Bremen, Bruno Mars, Bundestag, Canary melon, Cara Delevingne, Casper, Champagne, Chemistry, Chinanoodles, Classical music, Club Mate, Cocktail, Coffee Fellows, Computer science, Cooking, Cro, Croissant, Cuddling, Das Supertalent, Der grosse Gatsby, Desperate Housewives, Dieter Bohlen, Dogs, Dolores, Doves, Dresden, Driving License, Duck, Düsseldorf, Engaged, Facebook and 118 more interests Show more interestsFête de la Musique, Fifa, Fig, Fondue, For Honor, Future house, Germany’s Next Topmodel, Gin, Ginger ale, Going to the cinema, Halloween, Heavy metal music, History, Horror movies, Hot chocolate, Hurt, In love, Inline skating, Instagram, Intelligent, Jealous, Jennifer Lawrence, Judo, Karl-Marx-Straße (Berlin), Karlsruhe, Kendall Jenner, Kickboxing, Kitesurfing, Koala, Kristen Stewart, Krumme Lanke, Lake Tegel, Las Vegas, Latin, Lion, Lollapalooza, Lose weight, Mandarin orange, Mannheim, McCafé, McFit, Minecraft Story Mode, Miniature golf, Minsk, Morgan Freeman, Mountain biking, Mouse, Münster, Mystery, Naples, Narcissistic, Nena, Networking, Noodle Soup, Nutella, Oliver Heldens, Olympiastadion Berlin, Onions, Oral intercourse, Orange, Oslo, Papaya, Passionfruit, Pear, Pharmacy, Physics, Playing piano, Pokemon Go, Pop music, Potsdam, Prey, Raspberry, Red Dead Redemption 2, Red Wine, Relaxed, Riga, Robert Pattinson, Sailing, Saint Petersburg, Salad, Samuel L. Jackson, San Francisco, Schlager music, Sewing, Sido, Skiing, Skype, Smoking Weed, Snake, Snapchat, Snorkeling, Sorrento, Sprite, Squirrel, Star Wars Rogue One, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Steam, Stevie Wonder, Sunset, Surfing, Table tennis, Tequila, The Hague, The Witcher 3, Tiësto, Toast, Tom Cruise, Underwater diving, Valletta, Vodka, Watch a movie, Watching TV, Whisky, Windsurfing, World Of Warcraft Legion, YOU Berlin, Zelda Breath Of The Wild, Zurich