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I'm charming.

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Adele, Aerobics, Alessandra Ambrosio, Alexa Centre, Alexanderplatz, Anal intercourse, Ancient Greek, Ankara, Apple, Architecture, Arrogant, Balzac Coffee Company, Basketball, Beer, Better Call Saul, BigMac, Bradley Cooper, Brandenburg Gate, Braunschweig, Bruschetta, Bucharest, Bushido, Canary melon, Canon, Cape Town, Carrot, Chai tea latte, Champagne, Cheerleading, Cherry, Chinanoodles, Christmas, Club Mate, Cola, Country music, Cucumber, Cuddling, Curious, Cycle sport, Der grosse Gatsby, Diane Kruger, Dieter Bohlen, Dishonored 2, Doves, Eating Breakfast, Ebay, Edinburgh, Eggplant, Elvis Presley, Engaged, English language and 133 more interests Show more interestsFanta, Fashion design, Feiern, Fitness, Fondue, French language, Geography, Germany’s Next Topmodel, Gooseberry, Gossip Girl, Gray wolf, Großer Wannsee, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hackescher Markt, Handball, Havel, Helene Fischer, Helsinki, Hiking, History, Horizon Zero Dawn, Horror movies, Horse, Hot chocolate, In love, Inception, Istanbul, Jealous, Jennifer Lopez, Judo, Julia Roberts, Jurisprudence, Karlsruhe, Katy Perry, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kickboxing, Kristen Stewart, Krumme Lanke, Latin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lion, Lollapalooza, Long Night of Museums, Lose weight, Lyon, Mall of Berlin, Man Of Steel, Mango, Married, Massage, Mathe, McDonalds, McFit, Mechanical engineering, Miami, Micheal Jackson, Milan, Miley Cyrus, Minecraft Story Mode, Minsk, Monaco, Moscow, Mountain biking, Mouse, Mr. Hai, Museum Island, Mystery, Networking, Nintendo Switch, Noodle Soup, Nuremberg, Ofenkäse, Olives, Olympiastadion Berlin, Omelette, Orange, Oslo, Ouzo, Philosophy, Physalis, Pitaya, Pizza bread, Pizza Funghi, Playstation 4, Polo, Pomegranate, Pommes Frites, Potsdam, Psychology, Raspberry, Reisen, Resident Evil 7, Rice, Robert Pattinson, Saint Petersburg, Salt, Samsung, San Francisco Coffee Company, Sandra Bullock, Schlager music, Shisha, Silvester, Skiing, Smoking, Snorkeling, Spaghetti Bolognese, Sparkling wine, Spiderman, Sport, Star anise, Star Wars Rogue One, Starfruit, Strawberry, Superman, Surf ski, Tea, Techno, The Bachelor, The Rock, Toast, Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, Vapiano, Vegetables, Vegetarian, Vienna, Virtual Reality, Washington D.C., Wellness, Whisky, Windsurfing, Write something, Yoga